summer internship

Our summer internship program is a fun, exciting and educationally-packed 10 weeks. Each intern is specially selected and placed in a department that best fits their skills and interests. Throughout the 10 weeks they will be mentored and supervised by a Blue Sky professional in that field.

We have 2 types of internships - Artistic/Production and Technical. Internship application information is below.

All of the Summer 2016 internships start in early June and end in early August. They are open to all college students whose graduation dates fall within the following time frame: Winter 2016 through Spring 2018. All applicants must be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship by the Company.


Application process closes Friday, March 17th. To apply please email: with the following information:

  • Title your email:  Internship 2017: DEPARTMENT YOU ARE APPLYING FOR (Example, Internship 2017: ANIMATION)
  • Attach your resume and cover letter to your email
  • In the body of your email please put the following information:
    - Your Name
    - School
    - Month and year of graduation
    - Current location
    - Do you currently have the legal right to work in the US?
    - 3 Referral Contacts (Names with either Phone #s or Emails)
    - A link to your online portfolio/reel
    - If you are applying for more then 1 department, list the departments in order of priority

 This summer we will be hiring an intern for the following departments. Click on each department for more information.


The Animation Department brings life to our characters through movement and acting, creating characters that our audiences can fall in love with. As an intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work with several Blue Sky mentors learning many tips and tricks as we explore all aspects of our animation process.  Animation interns should show exceptional understanding of anatomy, weight, locomotion, acting, dialog, appeal, and entertainment.  We also look for artists with a sense of humor, a strong point of view, and who have the ability to put a personal spin on their work.


The Art/Visual Development develops the visual look for characters, sets, and/or color scenarios for our films. Artists are responsible for clear, detailed work that will ensure easy hand off to other departments in production and facilitate the execution of the visualized concepts. Candidates should be art students with solid drawing, painting and design skills. Photoshop skills are necessary. Familiarity with Maya helpful, but not required.


The Character Simulation department has a broad range of responsibilities that revolved around running dynamic simulations. At the character level, they are responsible for generating their garments, hair, skin and muscles systems that would be needed for a character's performance. In addition to the dynamics on the individual characters, they Character Simulation department handles the generation and behavior of crowds. Character Simulation interns should have strong problem solving skills (resourceful),  a working knowledge with Maya or Houdini, scripting skills (python is a plus), and of course, have some basic experience with simulation in either of the described areas.


The Lighting/Compositing Department takes animated frames and sees them through the processes of lighting, rendering and compositing. As an intern, you will get hands-on experience with our renderer and tools and be exposed to our Blue Sky lighting philosophy. Lighting interns should have an understanding of basic lighting principles as well as demonstrate strong artistic skills including knowledge of color, lighting, perspective, scale, and composition. Interns should have experience working in Maya and/or Nuke.


The Materials Department works closely with the Art Department and the Lighting team to create beautiful materials for every asset in our films. Materials TDs develop a proficiency in our renderer CGI Studio, procedural shader design, traditional texturing, and fur coloring. Intern candidates should have a good artistic eye, a basic understanding of standard surface properties and their relationship to lighting and rendering, as well as an interest in procedural texturing.


The Production Management staff is responsible for the management of all processes, procedures, outputs and deliverables on animated feature films at Blue Sky.  The production staff assists each department with their day-to-day tasks including artistic reviews, technical meetings and schedule updates.  They must ensure that the department outputs are aligned with the production schedule as well as the creative vision for the project.  Production interns should be pursuing a degree in film and/or TV production. 


The Rigging Department creates character and prop assets for use in our feature film productions. They also develop tools and software to help us author highly deformable rigs to meet the performance needs of production. Rigging Interns should be pursuing either or both of the following: a B.S or M.S in Computer Science or Engineering, or a B.F.A or M.A in Computer Animation. Candidates should show examples of technical work (python scripts, tool examples, Maya Plug-ins,etc) and/or creative work (appealing models, rigs, facial blend shapes, etc).


Stereo is responsible for creating the 3D version of the film. Stereo TDs create a stereoscopic camera rig within Maya and make sure the dimensional effect holds up through the pipeline. They are also the last department to put the finishing touches on the shot in Nuke before it leaves the studio. Stereo interns should have experience working in Maya, or Nuke or both; knowledge of Python is a plus. Many of the Stereo TDs have started as Nuke compositors or Maya artists but end up becoming 3D generalists/3D compositors.


Story Artists transform a written script into the particular visual language of an animated film.  Every story artist will draw different scenes or sequences of the script - bringing humor and specificity to the words on the page. The basic elements of storyboards show camera angles, sequence staging, and most importantly adding humor and character to the story.  The Story Artist interns should be pursuing an animation related degree and have storyboarding experience on a project.


The application process for the 2017 Technical Internship Program is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied, we hope to respond to all our applicants in the next couple of weeks.