• The trainee program is open to recent graduates whose graduation dates fall within the following time frame: Spring 2017 - Spring 2020.
  • The programs for Animation, FX, and Character Simulation run for 16 weeks. The Story & Visual Development programs run for 24-weeks.
  • All applicants must be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship by the company.
  • You may apply to more than one position.

Please make sure you include the following in your online application:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • If you have a demo reel, please make sure to include a link (and password) in the online application as well as your resume.

We will be hiring trainees for the following positions, click on each job for more information.


The Animation Department brings life to our characters through movement and acting, creating characters that our audiences can fall in love with. As a trainee, you will have the unique opportunity to work with several Blue Sky mentors learning many tips and tricks as we explore all aspects of our animation process. Animation trainees should show exceptional understanding of anatomy, weight, locomotion, acting, dialog, appeal, and entertainment. We also look for artists with a sense of humor, a strong point of view, and who have the ability to put a personal spin on their work. 

Application Requirements: Cover letter and resume per the information above and a reel with character animation. Click here to apply.


The Art Department develops the visual look for characters, sets, and/or color scenarios for our films. Artists are responsible for clear, detailed work that will ensure easy hand off to other departments in production and facilitate the execution of the visualized concepts. Trainees should be recent graduates with solid drawing, painting and design skills. Photoshop skills are necessary. Familiarity with Maya is helpful, but not required. 

Application Requirements: Cover letter, resume and an online portfolio showcasing one or more of the following: Character Design, Environment Design, Moment Paintings and/or Color work. Click here to apply.


The Effects Department designs, develops and implements visual effects in a film (examples include: oceans, splashes, dust, snow, explosions, fire, rain, waterfalls, etc). An FX TD is someone who has a great eye for composition, color, timing, as well as a solid problem solver with a reasonable understanding of math and physics. Often there are many unique effects that require one-off techniques. The FX trainee should be pursuing either a BA or MFA in Computer Arts with an FX emphasis, or a BS or MS in Computer Science with an FX emphasis and a strong art background. Solid knowledge of Houdini software and Maya with some proficiency in Python, C++ and Object Oriented Programming is preferred.  Experience with Renderman is a plus. 

Application Requirements: Cover letter, resume and a reel with multiple examples of FX animation (CG FX prefered and 2D FX animation is a plus). Click here to apply.


Story is the department responsible for translating the screen story into the visual language of cinema. The Storyboard Artist's role is to translate scripts from print to a visual medium that simply and briefly illustrate the film's key scenes and events, establishes the mood, the character's plot, the setting, and stages anything else to help the audience understand the story.

Application Requirements: Cover letter, resume and an online portfolio showcasing storyboard examples. It’s best to put storyboards in either a cut video or a slide player that can showcase each individual storyboard and can be advanced through easily from one board to another. Click here to apply.


The Character Simulation Artist has a broad range of responsibilities that revolve around running dynamic simulations (garments, hair, skin, muscle) to enhance and support the animated character's performance. The Character Simulation Trainee should have resourceful problem solving skills, strong visual aesthetics, working knowledge of Maya or Houdini, scripting skills (python is a plus), and a practical understanding of dynamic motion in either of the described areas. 

Application Requirements: Cover letter, resume, and a reel showcasing examples of cloth and hair simulation. Click here to apply.