Many people (even some very seasoned industry veterans) are suprised to find one of the world's most successful feature animation studios, nestled in the wooded hills of Greenwich, Connecticut.  We are footsteps away from scenic Westchester County and the gorgeous Hudson River Valley - and yes, the greatest metropolis on earth: New York City.

But what is it like at Blue Sky?

If you’ve ever worked at a major animation studio, you’ll know exactly what to expect when walking in the door at Blue Sky.

Artwork, movie posters and funny sketches line the walls. Desks proudly display action figures, plush toys, movie memorabilia and other bits of eclectic nerdom. Some animation cubes have been entirely rebuilt as replicas of the sets of our movies. A PA might whiz by on a scooter. On breaks, co-workers play spirited rounds of table tennis, pool and Foosball with the athletic fervor of a Yankees-Red Sox game. For the tamer among us, we offer figure life drawing classes after hours as well as yoga sessions during lunch (Zen is no joke during crunch time).

But we are so much more than an animation studio, we’re a community. You’re just as likely to find us agonizing over a single detail in a shot as you are to see us out together for someone’s birthday on a Friday night. Producing incredible computer animated films requires talent and commitment, but it also requires camaraderie. That’s why our workplace is so full of fun perks, a creative environment and of course, a never-ending supply of coffee.

Seriously, there is never too much coffee.

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  • Week 3 of Kickball!

    We finished up week 3 of the kickball season and we are now half way to the Finals! Here are this week's final scores:

    CTTL (Anim) VS. The Professionals (Anim)
    Final Score: 7/6

    FIVENICKNINERS -1 (Anim) VS.  Chris Isn't Playing (Story/Editorial)
    Final Score: 12/0

    balls.scr (Lighitng) VS. Viking Kittycat Tomahawks (Camera & Staging)
    Final Score: 5/0

    Week 3 of Kickball!
  • Only 2 Weeks to go until The Finals!

    Only 2 week to go before the finals! Check out Game 4's final results:

    Metaballerz (FX) VS. Viking Kittycat Tomahawks (C&S)
    Final Score: 4/3

    Broken Dreamzzz (Various Dept)  VS. Madmin (Admin)
    Final Score: 14/0

    The Owl Wolves (Anim)  VS. Bind Pose Appreciation Society (Char Sim)
    FInal Score: 11/3

    Only 2 Weeks to go until The Finals!