After the wild success of Ice Age, we knew our second feature would give us an even bigger chance to show the world what we were made of. 

Robots started out as a pet project for Director and Blue Sky co-Founder Chris Wedge and became an elaborate, beautifully detailed film that utilizes our proprietary rendering software, CGI Studio, to its fullest potential. With our incredibly powerful Raytracing technology behind it, the film’s robotic world feels at once accurately mechanical and spectacularly alive.

Guess Rodney was right: it never hurts to dream big!

It’s the story of Rodney Copperbottom, a small-town robot with big dreams and a big talent for inventing. Inspired by Bigweld, the greatest robot inventor in the world, Rodney sets off to Robot City ready to make his mark. But once he arrives, Bigweld is nowhere to be found and nothing is quite how he imagined. Along with the help of some quirky mechanical friends, Rodney must find out what he’s really made of and (much like our production team) tweak his dreams into a working reality.