About RIO

Ever since he was a little boy, Director Carlos Saldanha dreamed of making a movie about his home country Brazil. 

With the release of Rio, that dream became a vibrant, colorful reality. For Blue Sky’s first film set overseas, our office gained worldly inspiration by listening to Brazilian music, learning Portuguese and donning sunglasses in the middle of winter. In the end, Blu’s moves were a lot more impressive than our awkward Samba de Gafieira. But you can’t blame a bunch of nerds for trying. 

Blu is a happily domesticated Macaw that can’t fly. His safe world is turned upside down when he and his best friend Linda discover they must travel all the way to Brazil to save his species. But it won’t be so easy when he meets Jewel, a feisty female macaw with a taste for freedom. Carnival creates a spectacular backdrop to this heartwarming story about learning to fly by listening to the rhythm of your heart.