ABOUT Ice Age: Dawn of the dinosaurs

They say the third time’s a charm and in the case of our third Ice Age movie, we have to agree. This film was bigger than ever before - introducing an epic mist monster, huge rivers of lava, ferocious dinosaurs, and an entirely new snow-free landscape. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also Blue Sky’s first 3D film. You might call us workaholics, but we prefer “animation inclined.”

Just when they think things are cooling off, our heroes are in for their biggest adventure yet! When Sid adopts a trio of dinosaur eggs he accidentally disturbs a hidden underground world of Jurassic creatures. Scrat’s in trouble too when he sets his sights on an entrancing female squirrel, but is she after him or his nut?  It’s the dawn of a new era for each member of this hairy herd, but thankfully some things never change.