About Ice Age: The Meltdown

As much as the surprise success of Ice Age marked a happy milestone for Blue Sky, it was our follow-up that proved just how far we’d come.

We now had a hit franchise on our hands! For a growing animation studio, this good news also meant it was time to roll up our sleeves and make sure this was a film to remember.

The Ice Age is coming to an end and our odd herd has to make it out of the melting valley before the impending flood makes them sea bait. This spells trouble for proud Diego who has a crippling fear of water. Meanwhile, Manny is relieved he is not the last of his kind when he meets Ellie, a sweet female mammoth. But there’s a catch- she thinks she’s a possum. Love is in the air as our prehistoric family gains some rowdy new members and learns all new ways to stick together.