Though Blue Sky Studios started as a commercial and visual effects company, it had always been its dream to one day make movies. When our first short "Bunny" won the Academy Award® for Best Short Film in 1998, our new parent company Fox Filmed Entertainment took notice of our storytelling skills and gave us the chance we’d been waiting for.

In 1999, Producer Lori Forte had a first draft of a script- an animated drama set in the Ice Age - and presented it to Blue Sky co-founder Chris Wedge with the task of turning it into a comedy. Game on!

We made Ice Age with the help of a small, dedicated crew of about a hundred - less than a quarter of our current crew. Our innovative in-house rendering software, CGI Studio, was showcased for the first time on a grand scale in our characters’ lush fur and the icy landscapes of the film’s frigid setting. Our hope was that the film would do well enough to show off our skills and establish Blue Sky as a viable company.

When Ice Age premiered on March 15, 2002, we never imagined that our little movie would not only have the biggest opening in March ever, but would go on to launch one of the most successful franchises in animation history. We have Ice Age to thank for putting Blue Sky on the map and introducing the world to a certain squirrel with an acorn fetish. 

Scrat. We’re talking about Scrat.

The adventure begins when Manny, a stubborn mammoth, begrudgingly teams up with Sid, a hapless sloth, to return an abandoned human baby to his family. To make it in time they must trust the tracking skills of Diego, a surly saber-toothed tiger with ulterior motives. Survival is the name of the game, but nature has a funny way of proving that even the most unlikely of mammals can learn to become a family. Or in some cases, a major animation studio.