Week 2 of Kickball: The Scores Are In!

by admin

Week 2 of the Kickball season got a little drawn out due to the Labor Day Weekend, however, that didn't stop the intensity! Highlights from the week include; 'The Professionals' getting a record breaking 23 runs, 'Chris Isn't Playing' playing dirty by distracting the other team with bubbles and rubber snakes, 'The Owl Wolves' communicating with howls and hoots. Here are the final scores:

The Professionals (Anim) VS Madmin (admin)
Final Score: 23/ 2

The Owl Wolves (Anim) VS Chris Isn't Playing (Story/Editorial)
Final Score: 7/0

Foot Contact (Anim) VS balls.scr (Lighting/Comp)
Final Score: 8/3

Which team would you want to play on?