TGI #FunFactFriday!

by admin

Did you know that Blue Sky Storyboard Artist Bill Frake found the inspiration for Scrat's character after coming face-to-face with a crazy, peanut obsessed, squirrel in his backyard?

After the owner of his home warned him about a high-maintenance, pestering squirrel, Frake met the menace one day while trying to storyboard for Ice Age, only to be distracted by the nut-obsessed squirrel banging on his sliding door!

Frustrated, Frake threw the squirrel pizza crust, only to send him into a tizzy, ripping the stuffing out of his deck chairs and chattering up a storm! It turns out all he wanted were peanuts...

Frake then turned this troublemaker into the heroic, acorn hunting, saber-toothed squirrel we love today - SCRAT!