Shiver me Timbers! It's the #CubicleoftheMonth!

by admin

So, ye want ta be a pirate, eh? As children, a lot of us grow up pretending to be pirates, whether it’s dressing up, building ships out of cardboard boxes or yelling Ahoy Matey every chance you get! If you never got the chance to become a pirate, Tab Burton and Brandon Kern, Blue Sky Animators, will show you it’s never too late with their customized pirate ship cubicle!

How did you decide you wanted to work in a pirate ship?

Originally we had a lot of different ideas for our cube. We had plans for temples, back alleys, and castles but after doing research for Ice Age 4: Continental Drift we were really inspired by the designs of pirate ships. Who doesn't love pirates!? 

We decided on a pirate ship and fused our cubes together to make up one big ship. The ship was first designed on the computer, where we made sure everything was to scale. Once the plans were finalized and supplies were purchased we began the process. It took five full days of hard work to complete our fairytale vessel!

Since then we have been collecting piracy objects and placing them around the ship. It’s an ongoing project that will hopefully never end.

Since you began working in the pirate ship, what’s the best reaction you’ve seen?

It has to be the kids on Halloween. Kids come trick-or-treating around the pirate ship and the reactions are of fear and awe. We dress as pirates on Halloween to complete the package and some of the kids think that we are real pirates! It’s great!

What is your favorite aspect of the cube?

That it’s a pirate ship!!!! No one can have a bad day when they work in a pirate ship. It reminds us every day how great our jobs really are, which is to create movies for children. Working in a pirate ship every day helps bring out the child in us. The more we think and act like children, the more fun you can see in our work!

Yo Ho Ho! That’s awesome guys! We can’t wait to see what you create next in the big pirate ship!