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From August 12th to August 16th Blue Sky will be in Vancouver for SIGGRAPH 2018 to converge with the technical and creative minds of the world. This year, Blue Sky will be giving the following talks:


TALK: Up Close with Simulated Crowds
Speakers: Justin Bisceglio & Mark Adams
Sunday, August 12th @ 3:45pm
Description: A novel crowd system where deformations are computed at render time is presented. The result is a crowd system that supports terrain adaptation, produces deformed crowd agents that match hand-animated deformations when close to camera, and avoids file I/O bottlenecks with large crowd scenes.
Location: West Building, Room 211-214, Vancouver Convention Centre
Session Chair: Domin Lee - Dreamworks Animation 

Achieving and Maintaining Real-Time Rigs
Speakers: Rebecca Hallac & Christopher Moore
Monday, August 13th @ 9:00am
Description: Blue Sky Studios shares our experiences achieving animation performance goals. We migrated to a parallel dependency graph without rebuilding our rigs from scratch. Optimization strategies were applied to characters and fur. We created health metric tools using Conduit, our next generation pipeline, to ensure results stay on track.
Location: West Building, Room 301-305, Vancouver Convention Centre
Session Chair: Caleb Howard - Koan Designs, InvisionApp

Procedural Fluid Textures
Speaker: Sean McDuffee
Monday, August 13th @ 3:45pm
Description: We present a simple technique for synthesizing textures over fluid surfaces with 3D procedural textures. The final results exhibit excellent spatial and temporal coherence.
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Location: West Building, Room 109-110, Vancouver Convention Centre
Session Chair: Susan Reiser - University of North Carolina at Asheville

Blue Sky's SIGGRAPH Resume Drop Off
Wednesday August 15 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Description: Stop by to say "HI" and hear about the exciting opportunities at Blue Sky!
Location: West Building, Room 115, Vancouver Convention Centre

Birds of a Feather: "Women in Technology Knocking Down Barriers"
Wednesday August 15th @ 4:00pm
Description: Join female CG professionals to discuss how to create a positive work environment by eliminating obstacles.  Hear what holds us back and how they have navigated similar problems. 
Location: Pan Pacific Hotel, Pacific Rim 1
Moderator:  Munira Tayabji, Digital Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation
Blue Sky & Other Panelists: 
Avneet Kaur, Simulation Supervisor at Disney Animation
Gracie Strittmatter Arenas, Technical Art Director at Bioware 
Laura Murphy, Technical Director at Pixar Animation
Rebecca Hallac, Production Engineer at Blue Sky Studios
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements leading up to the conference!