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Greetings Blue Sky Fans! We sure have a suprise for you. We know some of you have been missing the Rio Movies (we sure have too) - so we present to you... RIO: MATCH 3 PARTY! Not only is it available on the App Store worldwide, but it is also, wait for it... FREE! For more information on how to join Blu and the rest of the flock's party, view the description below or click here!

"It's Carnival time in Rio, and Blu is planning the most amazing party in all of Brazil! He invited all of his friends, including Jewel, Pedro and Nico. Everybody is expecting the fun to start at any minute, but Blu isn't ready yet!

Help Blu get everything he needs to throw an awesome party by solving puzzles, collecting medals, and unlocking new locations and party favors. Play beautiful levels of Match 3 gameplay set across stunning Brazilian landscrapes. Have fun with all of your favorite charcters from the hit movies or play against your friends!"

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