Ice Age Scoring Sessions with Mike and Steve

by admin

Scoring the films is one of the few things that we don't do here in the Blue Sky facilities.  Actually, none of the studios do their own scoring in their own studios.

One of the perks of making movies with Fox is the use of their incredible scoring stage.  It's actually rented out by all the major studios because of the unique acoustical properties of the room.

When the directors head out to the Fox lot for these sessions with the composer and giant orchestra, they always send the crew back video snippets for a taste of how it's going.  Until now, we've only watched the film with temp score - it's incredible how much will change with the final.  From what I've heard, it's got all the drama - ups and downs and emotional ratcheting you could ask for.

The photo here is of our fantastic directors Mike Thurmeier and Steve Martino (both of them, their second time at bat for team Blue Sky), introducing some footage of a "day in the life" of scoring the film we've been working so hard on.

It's fun to have these little tastes and still get to experience the full score during our crew screening in a few weeks.  Many of us have seen the full film over and over and over, but most of the crew have seen little more than the parts they worked on - so the crew screening tends to be like seeing something totally new.

It's pretty (totally) thrilling.  Everyone's on the edge of their seats to see how the world takes to it!  Aaaah!