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Congratulations Blue Sky on 5 VES Nominations!

by Chloe

Job well done! The Peanuts Movie is up for...

Category 3. Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature
The Peanuts Movie
Steve Martino
Michael Travers
Nick Bruno
Scott Carroll

Category 10. Outstanding Animated Performance in an Animated Feature
Jeff Gabor
Joe Antonuccio
Ignacio Barrios
Sabine Heller

Charlie Brown
Matt Doble
Steve Vanseth
Stephen Gressak
Nikki Tomaino

Category 13. Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature
Charlie Brown's Neighborhood
Jon Townly
Angel Camacho-Torres
Cleveland Hibbert
Ken Lee

Category 18. Outstanding Effects Simulation in an Animated Feature
Stylized Effects
Alen Lai
Ilan Gabai
Chris Chapman
Doug Seiden