Congratulations Blue Sky Studios on your Sci Tech Award!

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Blue Sky Studios wins a 2017 Sci Tech Award for CGI Studio.

Blue Sky Studios wins a 2017 Sci Tech Award for CGI Studio.

On February 7th Blue Sky Studios met in the Big Kitchen to toast and send off Carl Ludwig, Maurice Van Swaaij and Eugene Troubetzkoy (who would be there in spirit) to Los Angeles where The Academy would award them with a Technical Achievement Award for pioneering the development of the renderer, CGI Studio.

Four days later on February 11th, Leslie Mann and John Cho presented Carl and Maurice with the Technical Achievement Award at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. Carl humbly accepted the award, reciting what he had told the crew four days earlier in Greenwich, CT:

“It’s been a long and winding road over the past 30 years and many people have helped us along the way and I’d like to thank them. I’d like to think we have crafted a Stradivarius, but I have to tell you, what is most important, is the quality of what this renderer can do. What’s most important is the music. The music that is made by all the artists that are so talented and create these films that we all enjoy. And it’s that music that really pulls at our hearts.”

To learn more about CGI Studio and its impact on the history of Blue Sky Studios, visit Our Story!

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