Blue Sky Goes to FMX!

by admin

Blue Sky Studios was excited to return to Stuttgart, Germany in April to attend the FMX Conference.  With two production presentations and one recruiting presentation, Art Director Tom Cardone, Senior Animator Chip Lotierzo and Talent Development Manager Deb Stone, shared insights on the making of Rio 2 and Blue Sky Studios’ culture.

This was Chip’s first time attending the conference, so we wanted to hear what he had to say about his time at FMX!

How was your first experience at FMX?

The FMX conference was overall an excellent experience.  As a first time attendee, I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the event. This conference is getting bigger and bigger every year and it still felt like a very intimate and personable conference. The animation industry was well represented and yet the conference remained a sensible and laid back experience. It was great to see so many students eager to learn and make connections with people in the industry.  They reminded me of the passion I had as a student of animation.

What was your presentation about?

I was asked to give a presentation about my work on Rio 2.  I spoke about the methods I use to help add rhythm and energy in my animation from an acting shot to choreographing a musical sequence. The turn out was awesome, I think the rooms were full capacity for both times I presented. I was a little nervous but once I got going it was all-good!

What were you hoping students to get out of your presentation?

I hoped the students would be inspired. I wanted it to be something they hadn't heard before and something they could understand and connect to.

What was your biggest take away from the conference?

It's nice to connect and meet others in our industry.  It was also great to see what other studios have to say about their methods and ways of approaching things. We can all learn from each other and should always continue to challenge ourselves as artists.