When Animators become... Swordsmen & Swordswomen!

When Animators become... Swordsmen & Swordswomen!

Another day on the job!

Last week the animation, design and art departments met with a professional swordsman to learn the tricks of the trade for one of Blue Sky's upcoming films.

We can't wait to see how the reference translates to the silver screen!

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"Dear Basketball" with Glen Keane & Kobe Bryant

"Dear Basketball" with Glen Keane & Kobe Bryant

The crew was so excited (...ok more like freaking out) when they heard that Glen Keane, animator on "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast," and "The Little Mermaid," would be at the studio with the five time NBA champ, Kobe Bryant!

How did these two talents come together to mix their passions of art and basketball you may ask? Through an incredible animated short, adapted ...

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Congratulations Blue Sky on 5 VES Nominations!

Congratulations Blue Sky on 5 VES Nominations!

Job well done! The Peanuts Movie is up for...

Category 3. Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature
The Peanuts Movie
Steve Martino
Michael Travers
Nick Bruno
Scott Carroll

Category 10. Outstanding Animated Performance in an Animated Feature
Jeff Gabor
Joe Antonuccio
Ignacio Barrios
Sabine Heller

Charlie Brown
Matt Doble
Steve Vanseth
Stephen Gressak
Nikki Tomaino

Category 13. Outstanding Created Environment in an ...

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Animation: A Love Affair

Sure, many of us here at Blue Sky have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives, however, this Valentine's Day we wanted to ask them about a different kind of love affair...

How did Blue Sky animators first fall in love with animation? Read up on how it all went down!


“I first realized how much I loved animation in middle school. I'd ...

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Shiver me Timbers! It's the #CubicleoftheMonth!

So, ye want ta be a pirate, eh? As children, a lot of us grow up pretending to be pirates, whether it’s dressing up, building ships out of cardboard boxes or yelling Ahoy Matey every chance you get! If you never got the chance to become a pirate, Tab Burton and Brandon Kern, Blue Sky Animators, will show you it’s never too late with ...

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