We Have One Week Until Siggraph! Meet John Kalaigian, One of Our Presentors!

John Kalaigian is an Assembly Technical Director. On #Rio2 he dressed the Amazon set by populating trees and foliage to create a visually interesting and lush environment. He has been with the Blue Sky family for 2 years, out of the 8 he has been in the industry. This is his first time presenting at #Siggraph2014 and he is honored and thrilled!

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These Birdies Have Flown to the Top!

...and have landed in Variety (click here) for Rio 2's top spot on home video sales!

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Only 2 Weeks Until Siggraph!

One of the presenters taking #Siggraph2014 into the Amazon is Karyn Monschein, Camera & Staging Technical Lead and Final Camera & Staging Artist.

Along with her department, she helped develop the cinematography that captured the grandeur and scope of the Amazon in #Rio2. Out of the 14 years Karyn has been in the industry, she has spent 9 years at Blue Sky. Karyn has ...

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We're one week closer to Siggraph! Meet one of our presenters, Dave Barksdale!

Dave Barksdale is the Fur Lead Technical Director and has been grooming and developming fur for the past 8 years at Blue Sky. On Rio 2, Dave was responsible for the support of furred environmental assets from creation to final render. Dave has never presented at Siggraph, he is really looking forward to being a part of the conference this year!

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The Countdown to Siggraph 2014 is on!

Check back each week to get to know this talented group!

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