On the 3rd Business Day of the Holidays...

Blue Sky Studios gave to me... 3 Charlie Brown Christmas Trees!

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Let's Count Down the Holidays Blue Sky Studios Style!

"On the first Business Day of the Holidays Blue Sky Studios gave to me... ONE ROCKIN' HOLIDAY PARTY!"

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On the 2nd Business Day of the Holidays...

Blue Sky Studios gave to me, 2 Peanuts snowmen, Snoopy and Charlie!

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Shiver me Timbers! It's the #CubicleoftheMonth!

So, ye want ta be a pirate, eh? As children, a lot of us grow up pretending to be pirates, whether it’s dressing up, building ships out of cardboard boxes or yelling Ahoy Matey every chance you get! If you never got the chance to become a pirate, Tab Burton and Brandon Kern, Blue Sky Animators, will show you it’s never too late with ...

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Blue Sky is Ready for Siggraph!

Who will be at #Siggraph2014 this year? Don't forget to look for Blue Sky Studios!

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Dave Dibble Teaches Us The Benefits of Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing, or Life Drawing, as it's often called, is the process of drawing the human figure in a studio environment. In some academic environments this begins with drawing from sculptures or casts of the figure, and over time leads to drawing from a live model, both costumed, semi-clothed and un-draped (nude).

Life drawing is widely accepted as the foundation for fine art ...

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