Blue Sky Receives First Golden Globe Nomination!

Blue Sky Receives First Golden Globe Nomination!

The HFPA announced early Thursday morning the nominees for the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Amongst the incredible nominees for Best Animated Feature Film was Blue Sky's The Peanuts Movie!

While most of us were just waking up to the news, Director Steve Martino was on a sunset safari, far from Hollywood, in the desert outsie of Dubai riding camels!

Martino released a ...

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Scrat's Debut in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Blue Sky had an exciting Thanksgiving weekend! Scrat and his Acorn made a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade debut while Snoopy and Woodstock dazzled the crowd following the release of Blue Sky's The Peanuts Movie.

Accompanying Scrat were the dozens of Blue Sky crewmembers that helped fly our favorite pre-historic saber toothed squirrel across the sky!

Let's just say we're thankful ...

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DC Cupcakes Sophie and Katherine Give Blue Sky a Sweet Surprise!

For those of you who missed it, Sophie and Katherine from TLC's DC Cupcakes came to the studio and gave the crew a sweet surprise!

With the help of Peanuts Director, Steve Martino, the girls revealed their cupcake masterpiece to the entire studio and even shared 3 other Peanuts inspired flavors!

Thank you so much Sophie and Katherine for such an amazing day ...

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Sparky's Pen - The Art of Dreaming Big!

When you see the work of Charles “Sparky” Schulz, you know it. Check out the latest 'Art of Dreaming Big' episode here!

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The Art of Dreaming Big: Schulz's Legacy

The legacy of Charles ‘Sparky’ Schulz continues to inspire in the latest 'The Art of Dreaming Big.' Check it out here!

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Only 2 Weeks to go until The Finals!

Only 2 week to go before the finals! Check out Game 4's final results:

Metaballerz (FX) VS. Viking Kittycat Tomahawks (C&S)
Final Score: 4/3

Broken Dreamzzz (Various Dept)  VS. Madmin (Admin)
Final Score: 14/0

The Owl Wolves (Anim)  VS. Bind Pose Appreciation Society (Char Sim)
FInal Score: 11/3

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