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  • TGI #FunFactFriday!

    Did you know that Blue Sky Storyboard Artist Bill Frake found the inspiration for Scrat's character after coming face-to-face with a crazy, peanut obsessed, squirrel in his backyard?

    After the owner of his home warned him about a high-maintenance, pestering squirrel, Frake met the menace one day while trying to storyboard for Ice Age, only to be distracted by the nut-obsessed squirrel banging ...

    TGI #FunFactFriday!
  • Animation: A Love Affair

    Sure, many of us here at Blue Sky have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives, however, this Valentine's Day we wanted to ask them about a different kind of love affair...

    How did Blue Sky animators first fall in love with animation? Read up on how it all went down!


    “I first realized how much I loved animation in middle school. I'd gotten ...

    Animation: A Love Affair