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  • Week 3 of Kickball!

    We finished up week 3 of the kickball season and we are now half way to the Finals! Here are this week's final scores:

    CTTL (Anim) VS. The Professionals (Anim)
    Final Score: 7/6

    FIVENICKNINERS -1 (Anim) VS.  Chris Isn't Playing (Story/Editorial)
    Final Score: 12/0

    balls.scr (Lighitng) VS. Viking Kittycat Tomahawks (Camera & Staging)
    Final Score: 5/0

    Week 3 of Kickball!
  • Only 2 Weeks to go until The Finals!

    Only 2 week to go before the finals! Check out Game 4's final results:

    Metaballerz (FX) VS. Viking Kittycat Tomahawks (C&S)
    Final Score: 4/3

    Broken Dreamzzz (Various Dept)  VS. Madmin (Admin)
    Final Score: 14/0

    The Owl Wolves (Anim)  VS. Bind Pose Appreciation Society (Char Sim)
    FInal Score: 11/3

    Only 2 Weeks to go until The Finals!